Pharma vs. GAFA - Patient support: who will take the lead? - Paul Simms

Small Talk Big Issues is a Observia's mini web-series of interviews about the healthcare (r)evolution. 

Who is Paul Simms?

Paul Simms has been chairman and CEO of eyeforpharma for many years and is now managing partner of PS∆ company which specialises in identifying trends, scoping new business models, and designing new services to modernize and reimagine the pharmaceutical industry.
For more than twenty years, Paul has been at the heart of industry discussions about what the future will look like, what will become the critical challenges and opportunities of tomorrow, and where pharma can make a difference. During those decades, Paul hosted some of the most groundbreaking and innovative discussions on these topics, bringing together pharma execs and out-of-the-box thinkers and provoking new debates and new ideas.

#1 Patient support - Should pharma collaborate? 

“If we have a true value-based healthcare system, then I think that it might help us transcend the organizational boundaries of competition that we have traditionally faced”
Paul Simms believes that pharma shouldn’t see patient collaboration as an arena for differentiation but as a catalyst for cooperation.

Are there opportunities for pharma to overcome the competitive instinct and collaborate? 

#2 Patient support: how to move from pilots to scalable initiatives? 

We have not yet had to face that abyss that will make us change direction and build a business model for example based on investing on digital health.
Such that we are going to be able to collect some new forms of data, to then inform new forms of R&D that generate new types of products.
We have not got to that degree yet. We have got pilots all over the place but scaling them is not something that we have historically been wonderful at.

Are pharma able to truly transform in depth and become innovative and patient-centric?

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