L'ARBRE CONSEILS® : improving advice provided at the ... Image 1
L'ARBRE CONSEILS® : improving advice provided at the ... Image 1

L'ARBRE CONSEILS® : improving advice provided at the pharmacy

Valuing the role of the pharmacist

The retail pharmacist is often the French population’s primary caregiver. As such, pharmacists benefit from trusting relationships with their patients. Pharmacists are actively involved in supporting and educating patients with chronic diseases; this role will evolve as the patients’ chronic condition progresses. In this context, the Open Innovation department of the pharmaceutical company Sanofi wants to develop innovative services for pharmacists.
What personalized guidance can be provided at the pharmacy?
What tool will provide a simple and fast experienceconsistent with the patient’s care pathway?

Combining intelligence and user-friendly design 

L’Arbre Conseils® is a digital cloud solution that offers advice based on type 2 diabetes patients’ profiles. This advice is provided by reliable sources (the French National Authority for Health, a group of experts, etc.). Several criteria can be selected to refine the treatment advice, hygienic and dietary recommendations, and care pathway orientation.
The initial idea for this tool came from a reflection on the role of the pharmacist launched by Sanofi France, based on an inclusive approach mainly relying on Design Thinking. This innovative process resulted in:

  • An intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • A tool co-constructed with pharmacists
  • An intelligent digital solution 
  • A one-click method for printing patient's advice 

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At Sanofi’s Open Innovation department, we are convinced that tomorrow’s pharmacies will be the territory of new health services, integrated into the care pathway. For this reason, we have focused on collective intelligence and Design Thinking to develop innovative solutions such as L’Arbre Conseils®, for and by pharmacists. We are pleased to have completed this project with Observia’s teams, who have worked
alongside pharmacists for years. We aim to provide pharmacists with practical, tailor-made tools to help them daily, leading to better patient care.
Diane Brément
Open Innovation Leader at Sanofi


pieces of advice
refining questions
clicks, 3 minutes user-time




After a successful pilot phase conducted in early 2019, this solution is now available throughout France. Observia and Sanofi are currently working on integrating new pathologies into L’Arbre Conseils®. Thus, an experiment on headaches was launched in 2020 in partnership with the Francophone Society of Officinal Pharmaceutical Sciences. This initiative is in line with the new missions retail pharmacists are taking on. It provides them with dedicated tools to facilitate their daily work and increase customer loyalty and care.


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