Going further in patient understanding: Neurish enriches social listening solution with Observia's behavioral diagnostic tool SPUR

Paris, France / Raleigh, North Carolina, November 30th 2023. US-based startup Neurish and French healthtech company Observia partner to refine the understanding of patient health behavior and sentiment through the alliance of Neurish’s patient-facing applications and Observia’s behavioral diagnostic tool SPUR™.

Specialized in providing real-world data to healthcare stakeholders, Neurish develops patient-facing social applications – such as Friends With Epilepsy - that empower patients, caregivers, friends, and families to build their own support system, while also enabling the collection of various sentiment data points such as sentiment regarding certain medication, treatment plans and quality of life.

With the integration of scientifically validated behavioral diagnostic tool SPUR™ into these solutions, both companies aim at the combination of behavioral diagnostic insights and sentiment analysis, with one common goal: the refinement of personalized health interventions for better outcomes.

This integration is made possible through Observia’s SPUR APIs, that allows for a seamless communication between both technical environments and the Neurish Platform allowing for a simple plug-n-play capability. Patient privacy is guaranteed through the anonymization of all data before analysis.

“Observia is excited to be able to enrich SPUR’s drivers of patient behavior with real-world data, and bring the tool even further in patient understanding. We are confident this partnership with Neurish will enable an always more accurate personalization of patient interventions”, says Jérémy Ruah, Observia’s Head of Product.

“Neurish is thrilled to collaborate with Observia to expand the Neurish Network and discover more insights into the daily experiences of patients and caregivers impacted by chronic health conditions. This partnership with Observia marks a significant step towards empowering the patient community and enhancing the quality of life for patients in every aspect”, says Phil Gattone, Founder and CEO of Neurish.

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