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A scalable match-making platform for patients and caregivers

Patient and caregiver engagement

Living with a chronic disease can be a lonely experience. Patients may feel isolated or misunderstood during their journey, as they live through a great number of personal and individual steps: medical appointments, painful symptoms, fear of a diagnosis… To combat this loneliness and give patients the opportunity to share their experience, our client Bayer AG wanted to create a digital service allowing patients and caregivers to discuss and exchange with other people living through similar steps. To make sure they would offer the best-in-class service and answer patients’ needs, user-testing was defined as a key element of the solution’s design, which would also need to be available to caregivers.

Solike, a digital match-making platform built in collaboration with users

Each step of development was validated through a user-testing phase with two panels of patients and caregivers. Through these conversations, Observia found that they wanted to connect based
on common experiences, rather than medical diagnosis. As a result, we updated our matching algorithm to enable a mix between profiling data and current topics of interest, and let users set-up their own matching criteria. Before enabling contact, a confirmation process is set up to guarantee safety and privacy to users. On a technical side, the match-making system is a feature of the Observia Patient Cloud. As a stand-alone component, it seamlessly integrates into various e-health solutions, facilitating the development and engagement of communities. The SPUR™ behavioral
diagnostic tool is also available, allowing for an in-depth definition of patients’ profiles, which contributes to the quality of the pairing made by the matching system.

  • Ability to propose matches based on profiles
  • Possiibility to choose the topics of discussion
  • Secured connection and notification system




“As a life science company, we recognize the importance of holistic solutions to meet patient needs. We are therefore delighted to collaborate with Observia to help reduce the burden of isolation that patients and caregivers may experience through the provision of the unique match-making platform solike”
Dr. Daniel Steiners
General Director of Bayer Vital GmbH


therapeutic areas
early design workshops with patients and caregivers focus groups
user research sessions for prototypes
end-user testing sessions for solution staging


Based on socio-demographic, medical and behavioral criteria, this match-making platform solike creates a safe, anonymized and secured environment for patients and caregivers to connect with people experienging similar journeys. The exchange between patients takes place outside the platform. 




Thanks to the association of constant user-testing and robust technology, Observia in close collaboration with Bayer developed an easy-to-use, secured platform dedicated to patients and caregivers who would benefit from an exchange and mutual understanding. This results in the creation of tools and knowledge dedicated to the creation and engagement of patient communities, with features that can seamlessly be plugged in existing e-health solutions. With this unique platform, Bayer provides its patients and their caregivers with a new kind of free, useful digital support. Our ambition is now to make solike accessible to more pathologies and countries.


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