The first Therapeutic Patient Education platform for ... Image 1
The first Therapeutic Patient Education platform for ... Image 1

The first Therapeutic Patient Education platform for cardiac rehabilitation

How to improve cardiac rehabilitation efficiency?

Cardiac rehabilitation is necessary after heart failure and generally includes a therapeutic patient education program. The aim of such a program is to help patients be more competent about their disease and set up good lifestyle habits.
Therapeutic patient education relies on 4 main pillars: a shared diagnosis, the patient’s motivation and willingness,the learning phase and the maintenance phase. Many issues are at stake: how to better engage patients in the program? How to better assess their progress? How to facilitate interprofessional coordination?

Digitalizing health practices

We developed an interactive and educational platform for caregivers and patients in close collaboration with the cardiac rehabilitation department of the Léopold Bellan Hospital. The “Atoutcoeur” platform offers a personalized program adapted to each patient’s profile and preferences. It provides healthcare professionals (HCPs) with a coordination tool to simplify educational diagnosis, better monitor their patients’ objectives and offers gamified learning modules to patients (treatments, risk factors, daily life…) Finally, thanks to a user-friendly assessment tool and a dynamic dashboard, HCPs can visualize anytime and for every patient the progression of their objectives and motivation.

  • Decision-making algorithmes to assist in diagnosis
  • Algorithms to personalize educational content 
  • A dashboard summarizing the patient's progress

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Observia set up a modern and friendly therapeutic education tool, respectful of patients’ dignity, choices and decisions. Patients no longer feel left on their own and are supported by HCPs in achieving their therapeutic education objectives. Now fully integrated in the department usages, Atoutcoeur represents a valued coordination and work tool contributing to the continuous improvement of our patients’ management in cardiac rehabilitation. The recent addition of Observia’s SPURTM behavioral diagnostic tool allows for a deep understanding of each patient’s behavioral drivers and thus a better program personalization for even more efficiency.
Kamel Abdennbi
Head of department and cardiologist


30 000
completed sessions
+ 1300
user patients
points in patient's quality of life (SF12 questionnaire, 2022 Observia study)
year of the platform launch, still active and ever evolving
of patients satisfied or very satisfied with the platform


atoutcoeur illu


Since its implementation in December 2016, Atoutcoeur has been a real success. With more than 30 000 sessions already completed and 1 300 patients enrolled, the program is used daily by the healthcare team, who asked for the integration of a personalized SMS support feature at the end of the program to maintain its beneficial effects. Bellan hospital also launched a retrospective study showing a clear improvement in patients’ quality of life between the beginning and the end of the cardiac rehabilitation program. In 2022, Atoutcoeur continues to be developed with the integration of the behavioral diagnostic tool SPURTM within the educational assessment. This innovation should bring more personalization to the program, to help each patient adopt the best lifestyle habits.


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