Clinical Ink and Observia: Pioneering Personalized Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials

Building the best-in-class offer for decentralized clinical trials

Observia and Clinical ink share a strong conviction: that improving patient experience equals improving clinical trial performance.

By working together, we aim at increasing patient retention in clinical trials while offering a better experience to patients. 

To do so, Clinical ink's assessment suite now includes Observia's behavioral diagnostic tool SPUR™. This offers a unique and innovative integrated offerings to capture holistic view of patient behavior together with clinical outcomes and digital biomarkers. Here are 3 use cases that can change the way the industry looks at patient engagement and retention in clinical trials: 

  • Behavioral Data Characterization: By integrating SPUR™ questionnaire in a study protocol, it becomes possible to characterize social determinants of health, identify the patient risk of non-adherence and why the patient is at risk (drivers’ assessment)
  • Investigators feedback: SPUR™ feedback can directly be used by investigators to support personalized interventions when interacting with patients to avoid non-adherence and dropouts.
  • Patient personalized interventions: SPUR™ results could be used as data insights to deliver sophisticated personalized patient interventions (via personalization algorithm – d.tellsTM) and we could consider clinically evaluating the impact on such intervention on patient outcomes and dropouts.

In a clinical trial context, behavioral insights become a bridge towards market access and post-marketing to be leveraged. 



I am delighted to announce this collaboration with Observia to create a best-in-class platform.  Understanding patient behavior is an essential but often overlooked component of clinical trials.  We hope this addition to our integrated technology solution will improve patient engagement with measurable benefits for patient adherence and trial outcomes.

Jonathan Goldman, MD, CEO of Clinical ink


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Missed our webinar? Watch the replay

And if you want to explore our common vision and objectives and learn more about the new approaches to adherence and prevention of dropouts, watch the replay of our joint webinar!

Clinical ink in a nutshell

Clinical ink is a US-based Life Science Company operating worldwide. Their offerings are Direct Data Capture, eCOA, eConsent, Neurocognitive Testing, Digital Biomarkers Technology, and more. 
Their solutions target decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) and are designed to optimize patient experience and drive patient engagement. 


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Clinical Ink and Observia: Pioneering Personalized Patient Engagement in Clinical Trials


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